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Programmer’s Manifesto

1. I will help those who are willing to learn.

2. I will not waste my time trying to help those that will not put in the effort to learn the newer, harder, more efficient way.

3. I am not bound by law to answer your forum posts within thirty minutes of you asking the question.

4. I am willing to learn a harder thing if it helps my knowledge.

5. I will not waste my time if you can’t be bothered to post readable code (Learn 2 )

6. I will not waste my time if you can’t be bothered to figure out which line of code is the issue and instead posted all 200 lines of your class.

7. I am not psychic and will not open your thread if it does not have a meaningful title related to the issue. I.e. “I need help” is not meaningful.

8. I am the first of things to be wrong. If something bad happens, I’m the first cause to check.

9. I will follow my gut feeling. If the code feels wrong, or smells, then I will attempt to change it to the best of my abilities.

10. I will attempt to read a book or part thereof, or attempt a new challenge in a field of expertise to improve my knowledge and ability atleast once a week.

11. I will try my best to write high quality code the first time. Improving it as I learn more or as needed.

12. I will make every attempt to finish what I start, and give up only if it proves futile or fruitless.

13. I will only use one code convention for a project, and I will change any code that doesn’t match the code convention to match the code convention.

14. I will not waste my time if your code uses lots of arbitrary, non descriptive variable names.

15. I have my own personal life to take care of before I help you.

16. I will not answer to those who tell me what effect they want, expecting someone to do it for them, before they try to write the code and figure it out themselves.

17. I will try to help those who use correct grammar and punctuation in my posts.

18. I will not refer people to a trial of a popular-but-expensive proprietary tool when a viable alternative exists.

19. I will always practice the meaningful use of whitespace and indentation, and I will learn to comment my code in a useful way. Code that cannot be read easily and understood quickly is useless, and I should not expect help with it.

20. I will learn how to use the edit button and how to properly format code before I post it on any forum on the internet.

21. I will always support beginners who try to learn, I will always scold beginners who try to teach.

22. I will not overlook the importance of planning how my code should be structured.

23. I will set goals that are ambitious, but reachable.

24. My first game will not be an MMO. Pong or Tetris is fine.

25. My first game should be pong or tetris or bejeweled. Something that’s simple and there exists hundreds of tutorials on.

26. Unless I have the language completley mastered, I will always have the language reference ready for lookup.

27. I will explain any help I give to a beginner and in turn teach them rather than only providing the answer.

28. I will never assume I can remember every single intricate detail about any language because there are too many and human memory is flawed.

29. If I take up programming in any language I should also attempt to learn more languages after I have mastered the language I started with.

30. I understand the learning a programming language takes time and real effort. I will devote my time into learning, and not give up.