How do I begin to learn AS3?

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Beginners
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Downloading and setting up FlashDevelop:

For those learning AS3, the biggest initial thing they need is a IDE (Integrated Development Environment). This will be the program they use to code projects. The general consensus is that a program called FlashDevelop is the best for this. Download the latest version from here and install it. Check the box that gives you the option to install the flex sdk. If all goes well you should now have FD all set up and rearing to go.

What is  OOP(Object Oriented Programming) ?
Introduction to OOP

How Does OOP Fit into AS3?

Classes in ActionScript 3

How Do I Begin to Learn AS3?

Learn ActionScript 3 by Following this Simple Avoider Game Tutorial

What Are Some Good Resources for AS3? :


Another good tool for budding programmers is the GDR. It is a chat room that is almost always full of devs that are willing to help. In order to use it you will need to create a free account on .

Post your own links below in the comments and I might add them to the article!

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